Waiting for Baby

Even though I’ve done this two times before, I can’t help but wish that my sweet baby boy would come now, at 38 weeks, instead of at 40 or 41 which is the most likely scenario at this point. I should know better. I really should. With Cohen I went 2 weeks over and never even went into labour. I ended up having a C-section because he was breech and Claire was a natural birth at 5 days over. So the chances of me going into labour before my due date, Sept 30th, are slim.

And still I hope. Still I feel overwhelmed by the idea of waiting 2 or 3 whole weeks.

Very little in life makes 3 weeks feel like such a long time.

If I have to wait 3 weeks for an upcoming trip, or a visit from a friend, or even a haircut – it’s no big deal. But waiting 3 weeks for a baby just feels like too much. 3 weeks. 21 days. 504 hours. 30,240 minutes (yes, I just got out my calculator to figure that out).

But the fact of the matter is, one way or another this baby will be born. Whether he’s early, late or exactly on my due date, he will not stay trapped inside of me forever.

Today God was talking to me about how His promises are the same as this little life inside of me. They will be fulfilled, one way or the other. And there’s really nothing I can do to slow down or speed up that process. As sure as this little baby will enter the world, the promises God has spoken over your life will be fulfilled. And whether you moan and groan, or wait patiently with gratitude, it won’t change the arrival date of your promise fulfilled. It will change your experience of the journey though.

So how will you wait?

Full of doubt and frustration, or sure of His faithfulness?

The waiting is an opportunity that you’ll never get back again. It’s a place where you can give a unique gift of praise to your heavenly Dad. It’s easy to worship Him when we see the fruition of our dream, but when we declare His goodness before we see it manifest – that is one of the most beautiful gifts we can give. And we can only give it right here, right now, as we wait.

I don’t want to miss this opportunity to give my most faithful friend this special gift.

A heart that is full of hope in His goodness.

A spirit that is anchored in peace regardless of circumstance.

A soul that is submitted to the truth, rather than ruled by the facts.

A mouth that speaks only of who He is and how He always shows up.



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