What Every Mom Needs to Hear

I believe, now more than ever, that every mom feels the intense pressure to be the best mom she can be.

Some moms face this pressure head on, striving, straining and ever-seeking to outwit, outlast and outplay all the other moms. If she views herself as successful, her confidence soars.  But when she falls short, even in the smallest way, she is overcome with guilt.

Other moms realize they will never live up to this standard of perfection and so they decide not to try.  They check out emotionally and spend their days numbly going through the motions. Or perhaps in their defeat, they turn to something or someone else for comfort and distraciton- food, television, surfing the web or possibly something much worse.

Then there are the mothers who actually cannot provide for their children. The ones who, out of total desperation and a desire to survive, actually give their child away or even sell them. We forget about these moms. We forget that some cannot even find enough to fill hungry bellies and clothe the downy-soft baby skin of their own flesh and blood. For these moms I weep and pray.

But what all of us moms have in common is that we are longing to hear the same things…

You are doing a great job! Your love for your child is so obvious and beautiful.  You are a wonderful mother.

To all you dear moms, I say these words today. Thank you for loving your children. Thank you for giving selflessly, day in and day out. Let go of those unrealistic expectations and just do your thing the way God made you to do it. Trust yourself and more importantly, the God who loves you fiercely.  And when you just don’t know what to do next, ask Him for wisdom.  He always gives graciously and generously.

And to all of you who know someone who is a mom, next time you see her consider saying these simple words, You’re doing such a great job. I can guarantee you will brighten her day and bring a smile to her face.


3 thoughts on “What Every Mom Needs to Hear

  1. thank you for this Heather, I think perfection is unrealistic but we can try and do our best like you said. Love, nurture and respect our children.

    You are an amazing mom, Heather, and you are doing a great job. xoxo

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