What to Wear in -40

I live in a God-forsaken land!  It’s sounds dramatic, but this place is stinkin’ cold!

Have your ever seen sun dogs before? They appear as bright bursts of light formed when sunlight passes through ice crystals at the proper angle, on either side of the sun.  In other words, it’s gotta be COLD to see em.  I saw them yesterday.

As I write this the temperature is currently -25 C, feels like -34 C, with the wind.

You see our temperature is never just the first number you see.  You always have to scan to the right or down and see the actual truth – the temperature WITH the wind chill (which can get down in the -40’s!)

Some of the worst parts of living in such chilling temperatures?

– Getting into an icebox of a car and waiting until your arrive at your destination for the heat to actually come on.

– Scrapping snow-encrusted windshields as the snow you’re brushing off blows in your face.

– Trying to stay warm when you go for walks.

– Snotcicles. Need I say more?

So here are my favorite items to help stay warm during a stupid-cold winter.

#1 Canada Goose Jacket

Admittedly, they are quite pricey, but in my opinion – it’s worth it to be warm.

#2 Sorels

These boots have come a LONG way.  They used to just be big, black and clunky, but now you can get some really cute and still uber-warm options.  I got some of these as a Christmas gift and they are perfect for running out to the grocery store or hour long walks with the dog.

#3 Scarf, Mitts and Touque (“beanie” for you Americans)

There are all kinds of options for these, but this year I’m loving my headband.  It works well with my hood up or down and looks cute too.  Also, it works well for the messy top-knot that is so hawt right now.  Love it.

4. Lots of layers!

I love taking C out on walks using his new sled!  But the key for him, and for us, is to wear LOTS of layers.  In this photo he’s wearing an undershirt and pants, socks, slippers, a sweater, a snowsuit, a touque and a neck warmer.  Not to mention the blankets that are wedged below him and on top!  (Mom, don’t worry – he wasn’t cold!) 

When I go for walks I always wear tights under my pants, legwarmers, long sleeve shirt and sweater, warm socks, and then all my outwear too!  Now that I have such an awesome jacket I don’t have to layer up quite as much.

What are your winter favorites?

7 thoughts on “What to Wear in -40

  1. Just looking at these photos makes me cold! When it’s really cold here I wear my tri-climate Northface jacket and snow boots. And I wear tights under everything! And I’ve never heard of a touque before!

  2. oh gosh, if i lived in -25 degree weather i would just die! i freak out if it’s in the teens!
    you all look so adorable all bundled up! 🙂
    xo TJ

  3. Oohhh that is cold! I have skied in Steamboat in -20 but that is as cold as it gets around here! Well you look cute and warm, that is all that matters!!

  4. We moved from Winnipeg to Thompson, Manitoba just about 3 years ago. It’s even colder here! But I actually prefer it because the wind is not as bad. This week it has been well into the -40s. And it’s just like Wpg, everyone just goes on with life, even though your skin will freeze if exposed!! My most favourite winter gear? SKI PANTS! I invested in an actual pair two years ago and I LOVE them. I don’t think I’d had an actual pair of ski pants since like, junior high because they just weren’t cool. I bought a nice fitted pair and they go so nicely with my cute Canada parka. And I can go for walks in the forest trails when it -40 and sweat.

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