what’s next?

So I’ve spent much of July and August resting and seeking God’s will for the next steps in my blogging journey.  It’s been a nice break and to be honest, I didn’t miss it as much as I expected.  I love writing but in the last few months I was putting so much pressure on myself to pump out deep, meaningful posts every week day and that pressure (self-inflicted) was taking the joy out of it for me.

Moving into the fall I’ll be making a few small changes.

1. This blog will remain and I’ll be posting about once a week on topics of faith.  I want this blog to continue to be a place to find encouragement and inspiration to pursue God’s very best for your life and to dream big with Him!

2. I’ve started another personal blog called “birch & bay” where I’ll be posting updates on our family, photos from our adventures, recipes, favorite things, and more. It will still be faith based because truly, my life revolves around my relationship with Jesus.  There is no way I can really do anything without wanting it to point to Him.  But it won’t be strictly devotional like this one will be. Here’s what it looks like so far…

3. Eventually I will open up my personal blog for sponsor swapping and advertising but for now, this one will not have any advertising.  The main reason for that is I feel my purpose here is to remain focused on God and his word and not full of other distractions (as wonderful as those distractions may be!)

4. I hope to continue to connect with those of you who are apart of the blogging community and I hope you’ll join me either here or at my new blog, comment, email and stay in touch!  I feel like I’ve been quite distant lately but I really needed the space and time to re-focus and move forward purposefully.

So that’s that!  How was your summer?  What was the highlight?  How are you taking time to focus on God as these seasons change?

5 thoughts on “what’s next?

  1. Good to have you back! Looking forward to reading what God puts on your heart to share with us! You are such a great writer and there is a reason that God has you returning to share His word!!!

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