Why Are You Making Sweatshirts?

I love coming up with ideas for sassy things to put on t-shirts. Things like, “I work out so I can eat ice cream”, or “I aim to be at the top of the average”. Those are both apart of my imaginary workout gear line.

But I never imagined I would actually venture into the world of creating and selling apparel. However, when I started writing Letters from a Big Sister, my new book for teen girls coming out in April 2019 a whole brand began forming in my mind. I knew Letters was more than just one book, it was actually meant to be four books. Letters from a Big Sister to a little sister (book 1) and to a little brother (book 2). After that, Letters from a Big brother to a little sister (book 3) and then to a little brother (book 4).

A few months back I started thinking about sweatshirts. I wanted something that I could offer as a perk in our Kickstarter campaign (launching in Feb 2019), and a great sweatshirt seemed like the perfect compliment. At first I was thinking something like LVD GRL (Loved Girl) but too many people thought LVD was short for LIVID. Ha ha – not exactly the message I was hoping to communicate. I then I thought Little Sister and Big Sister, imagining a photo shoot with teen girls and their “big sisters” hanging out in their cozy sweatshirts. But finally I landed on simply – SISTER.

To me being a sister is about so much more than simply having a blood relative. Being a sister is a way of life. Being a sister is about choosing to love the other women in your life as though they are family more than friends. Being a sister is believing and pouring into the next generation of women because we know they carry the same family name we do as daughters of God. Being a sister breaks down comparison and competition and cultivates community and collaboration.

And the SISTER sweatshirt was born. When you buy this sweatshirt you’re not just buying a super cozy, ethically made piece of clothing. You’re wearing a message of sisterhood. You’re reminding the women around you that they belong. You’re telling the teen girls in your life that you’re invested in their future because they are family.

There you have it. The heart behind the SISTER sweatshirt. Will you join the sisterhood?

Pre-order today to have it in time for Christmas! If you’re in Winnipeg use the code “local” and don’t pay shipping.

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