Why I’m Glad it’s Gone

I’m glad Google Friends Connect is gone because, if I’m being honest, I was using it to measure my success as a blogger. And unfortunately, I was using it to measure the success of other blogs too.

Can you relate?

When we check out a new blog, how often do we scroll down the page to see the GFC number and decide whether its worth our time to stick around and read or not?  And we each have our own scale of success.  Some feel you’re a worthwhile read if you have over 100 followers.  Some won’t stop by again unless you have several hundred followers.  And others will only leave a comment, come for a second visit or even read an entire post if you have over 1000 followers.

Some of us honestly don’t look at the numbers.  That’s where I want to be.

A few years ago I attended a Christian writing conference here in Canada.  I found the whole thing pretty discouraging as a new writer. The stats on the possibilities of really making it as a writer seemed bleak. But then I attended a breakout session about blogging and the speaker was happy, humble and spoke a message full of hope.

Full of Jesus.

She said that she deliberately chose not have a count of her followers on her blog.  She said when she wrote it really was for just one person. She quoted Jesus talking about the greatest and the least and reminded us that whatever we do for the least of these, we do for Him.

The day I met Ann, I walked up to her with tears in my eyes and thanked her for being the only person all weekend long, to speak Jesus. To speak hope.

So I’m glad I don’t have that little “success-tracker” haunting my page anymore. And I’m not going to tell you all the ways you can add to my numbers again.  I don’t want just another number.

I want a connection.  I want friendship.  I want community.

And if you want that too, I hope you’ll come again.  I hope you’ll feel free to share your thoughts and your heart.

And more than anything, I hope you’ll know I’d still write this even if it was just for you.


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20 thoughts on “Why I’m Glad it’s Gone

  1. Oh, thanks for writing this, Heather! I’ve read Ann’s thoughts before regarding stats and stuff, and it always rings in my mind. But it can be really hard not to get sucked into that whole game.

    Thanks for the reminder of what is truly important in this whole blogging thing!

  2. AMEN HEATHER! You are not alone! So many of us have arrived at this same place, and will continue to be brought back here. If just for that one person, if just for yourself, if to bring glory to God – keep on writing! You are a blessing :0)

    PS What was the conference? And any chance you’re going to #allume?!

  3. Oh, and another thing – I am struggling with this too! Mainly comments. But also not comparing, especially one person’s middle to my beginning, and not judging by the followers or subscribers or likes. I WANT TO WRITE FOR ME and for GOD’S GLORY! You have encouraged me today!

  4. So good and so true. GFC is a fickle way to measure “success” anyway because not everyone even reads blogs that way and some just subscribe through “GFC” to get something and/or be a part of a giveaway. Some read through email, BlogLovin’, etc. Don’t let the numbers discourage you– they are just that, numbers.

  5. Amen! Your blogs come to my email and I read them everyday! Such words that speak life and your love for your family is so amazing to see! Keep it up:) I love hearing from you Heather!

  6. Oh, I very much love this post! When I first started blogging I was very fearful to display my followers because I didn’t have any and was very discouraged that everyone one I followed had at least sixty. and I was afraid no one would even give me a chance as a new writer. And then God revealed to me that He reads my blogs and He is a follower and that is all that matters. So, I write for His glory and as a reminder for myself.. I pray my blog blesses someone each day. Whether they are a follower or not.

  7. I agree with this. The GFC is really a joke anyway because most people just follow eachother to get numbers up and never go back again and a lot of a blogs regular readers simply keep a blog on a favorites list and don’t actually “follow” it.

    For example my blog averages 1,200 hits a day, yet I only have 145 GFC followers!


  8. Wow. You are totally right. I currently have two blogs one about my life and the other about all my baking adventures. I started them because I love to write and wanted to get to know people who shared the same experience. I don’t have that many followers and yet I still keep writing for me and for those who wish to read. I can’t wait to continue reading all the rest of your post. New follower! Can’t wait to connect with you!

  9. Such a good point! I am guilty of the same thing a lot of the time. I still have GFC on my blog…because it’s still hosted through blogspot, but it really has been nice to visit other blogs and not see that number. The number of readers should not matter. The content and the heart of the blogger is all that should matter. Thanks for posting this!! xoxo

  10. LOL. Your post just totally freaked me out. Please dont get upset. Ill explain. The beginning where you said people decided to read your blog only if you have a certain amount of followers Because it may not be worth their time. Well Im a new blogger and I have 4 followers. woo hoo!! But I know other people from other blogs I read and follow come by leaving me gracious comments. My family recommended that I write a blog about things Im passionate about, trying to find my creativity again (lost it). I write for me, do I love when people come by, YES. I may be helpful to them and they may find me funny. One thing for me is I have never decided to not read someones blog because they have a small amount of followers. This had never occurred to me, I read blogs I find interesting and helpful to me personally. Im glad you are not worried about numbers anymore, you have a beautiful blog, I have stopped by before reading but never left a comment. I enjoy reading it and please keep writing even if its just for you or ME!! tee hee.

    1. Lilli,
      I’m so glad you haven’t felt that from the blogging world. There are soooo many out there who DON’T care about numbers at all and to those people, I say a huge THANK YOU! I’m working hard to become like them. Way to go for putting your story out there and not being worried about how many followers you have. Keep that heart girl, no matter how big your blog gets! Love Heather.

  11. Totally inspired by how you’ve put this 🙂 THANK you so much for sharing this and it’s totally inspired me to look at MY own motivations in all of this…and remember why I began blogging altogether. It’s for Jesus, it’s for myself and my husband. Apart from that, I’m happy to have people join the ride, but followers are so much more than a number {I love how you put it..connections!}..And I don’t want anybody to ever feel like they’re just one of my numbers. I want them to feel connected. Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

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