Why I’m Ticked with Ellen

I usually really like Ellen.  She’s funny and she’s a good interviewer.

No, I don’t agree with all of her lifestyle choices, but I can still appreciate who she is and what she has to offer.

However, she really ticked me off the other day and I can’t stop thinking about it.

For someone who is apparently so open-minded, she came across as completely judgmental and narrow-minded.

Her guest was Blake Mycoskie guy who started Toms shoes.  I was excited to hear his story because I love the work that Toms shoes does.

To start off the interview Ellen referred vaguely to something that Blake did in the past, which had offended many of Toms shoes fans and consumers (including herself).  She said she wanted to give him a chance to “clear things up”.

He then, just as vaguely, referred to an event he spoke at previously, and said he didn’t know what the group was all about when he agreed to speak there.  Basically, he didn’t really say anything and didn’t seem to feel that bad about whatever “it” was.

But Ellen pressed further and then said “Well we may as well say who this group was.  It was Focus on the Family.  And they are an anti-gay group.  But you obviously didn’t know what they were about when you agreed to speak there” (something along those lines).

He then agreed and, in my opinion, did so because Ellen was telling him to, on her show.  What else was he supposed to say?

But what really irked me about this whole interaction was that Ellen openly judged and put down Focus on the Family simply because they don’t agree with her lifestyle choice of being in a homosexual relationship.  Well guess what Ellen, you just did the very thing you accused them of!  Judging and condemning.

She outright criticized Focus on the Family on national television without giving any sort of explanation or context.  It’s a total double-standard to judge and put down people who don’t agree with your opinions, just because you don’t agree with theirs!!!

Hello? Is anybody relating with me on this?

Yes, I know that many people believe homosexuality isn’t a choice.  That is not what I’m debating here.  What bothered me so much is that Ellen, the one who is supposed to be so open-minded was exactly the opposite.  Not only that, but she pushed her views on Blake and basically put words in his mouth and the company he represents.

It’s a bit of a rant, yes.  And I may have ticked some of you off but can you see what I’m saying here?

What do you think?

Am I way off base to think it was completely hypocritical of Ellen to put down a ministry like Focus on the Family just because they don’t believe the same way she does?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Also, you can read more about it Here and Here

31 thoughts on “Why I’m Ticked with Ellen

  1. Oyy-ve! I agree Heather! It’s interesting how when Ellen wants to be judgmental it’s chalked up as her defending her beliefs. But when Focus on the Family talks about not agreeing with homosexuality, it’s considered an attack. I like her show, not her lifestyle. This might make me think twice.

  2. I am actually more upset with the founder of toms! One article mentioned him a member of a church and he could be a chrisitan. If that’s the case, he’s totally not standing up for it. Basically wanting to not upset Ellen because she’s a big shot….who cares!! It makes me second guess buying toms now, if they want to justify agreeing to homosexuality. I kinda expect that behavior from Ellen anyways…lol

  3. consider it pure joy when people persecute you and speak against you…maybe he needs to reread those verses and get a little boldness!

  4. i don’t actually know that much about focus on the family besides the fact that they are responsible for some of the best moments of my childhood (hello, mr. whittaker). but i certainly don’t think that they would qualify themselves as an “antigay group.” i don’t believe as Christ followers that we are to be “against” people, but perhaps the choices they make. just because person “a” doesn’t agree with person “b” doesn’t mean that “a” is against “b.” sounds like she was using mr. mycoskie to slam an organization she knows little about.

  5. I watch Ellen and have always defended her because of the incredible work she does for animals and people… but I have to completely agree with you. When I was watching the Toms interview, I re-wound her comments on Focus a few times. While “clarifying”, she ultimately pigeon-holed Focus, and Christian organizations in general, as “gay hating”.
    I don’t personally support Focus (and they don’t have a great reputation out here in Colorado) but I have several friends with family and work ties to the organization, so I know that if I’m upset about this, hundreds-maybe thousands- of others are too.
    Quite frankly, I think Blake was a coward for playing dumb to the whole thing… he could have defended himself and his involvement with Focus better- but I believe that is something he’ll wrestle with on his own.

  6. Wow, definitely agree with your hHeather. I appreciate some of what ellen does and she is kinda funny, BUT I definitely think she holds a double standard and that’s not right. That being said, the TOMS founder seems to be holding a double standard as well. Thanks for highlighting this. 🙂

  7. I don’t think you’re off base Heather. I think it was hypocritical of her to do that. I also think it shows sinful humanity in that all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God. And as likable as Ellen can be, she too has fallen short. My question would be, “are our expectations realistic when we anticipate others who do not know God to preform according to His principles and His ways and His morality?” To what standard can or should we hold Ellen? And to what standard can we hold Blake? To me, there is a difference here – if what the grapevine says is true that he professes to be a Christian. Because “now then, shall we keep on sinning so that Grace will increase? By no means!” (James somewhere – can’t remember the verse) Still for both Ellen and Blake there is grace offered with repentance. Paul was guilty of much Anti-Christian activity and I’m reminded of Peter and his denial of Jesus 3 times. To both God extended Grace and they went on to give their lives to Him. I think we need to pray when we encounter stories like Ellen’s that rub us the wrong way. I get the feeling that you have Ellen on your heart, Heather (although it may be feeling negative right now hehe) Maybe God is using this story to move people to pray for Ellen and Blake? I don’t know if this makes any sense – sorry if it’s just blabber 🙂

  8. Crystal,
    Thanks so much for your thoughts. I agree we can’t hold other to our standards as believers when they don’t have the same belief system as we do. However, I just think Ellen is being hypocritical…she doesn’t want to be judged for her opinion about homosexuality and yet she judges Focus on the Family for theirs. But I also think you’re right in that rather than being upset, I need to show more grace and love. And praying for both of them would be a great place to start.

  9. I think that many time the people who want to judge everyone else for being closed-minded are the most closed-minded themselves.

    I totally agree with you, but I like one of the comments on here. Ellen has no reason to defend Chrsitianity or act any way other than that of the world that she is a part of. But if this person she was interviewing has professed to be a Christian, standing up for his beliefs is on his shoulders, not hers.

  10. Yes Ellen was judgemental. We all need to be somewhat…but everything in moderation. There is no way to compare the judgementalness of Ellen’s few comments with FOTF’s ongoing efforts to oppose the wishes of the gay community. Focus seeks to block ‘pride’ and gay support organizations operating in schools. They tried to block ‘Don’t ask Don’t tell’…they try to take block same-sex couples from getting the same benefits every hetero couple receives, In 2006 Dobson’s Family Research Council spent more than a half million dollars to block same-sex marriage legislation in his state of colorado….which is crazy when one realizes that a $ a day keeps a kid alive in Africa!! If someone were spending that kind of $ opposing hetero marriages, heteros would rightly call that person/organization anti-hetero….Focus would not call themselves ‘antigay’ …but they certainly are.

  11. I am a new follower. I don’t really ever watch Ellen. I’ve only listened to what she has to say a few times. As far as this topic, I feel as though she is way off base. Just like gays think their lifestyles are ok, there are those who believe that is it not. There are many organizations that are against gay rights, and personally, I think that there should be more. As long as they are not violent in their actions, they are very justified in their fight against homosexuality. Our Lord and Savior says that homosexuality is an abomination. What more justification do they need? I wish Tom would’ve stood up to her, but I guess he let her intimidate him. We as Christians can’t condem anyone, they are condeming themselves. All we can do is speak His word and what we believe, but when we do that, we are wrong, why? I am totally against homosexuality, I know it is wrong, but I can’t and won’t condem them to he’ll, all we can do is pray for them and keep living! Love your post and love your blog!!!

  12. Totally with ya on this! Love Toms, love Focus on the Family, and love Ellen, but def not lovin her being judgemental and rude to a guest because of a choice they made. I’m sure she’s had plenty of guests who don’t agree with her life style.

  13. I totally agree with you Heather! I saw that episode too. And it didn’t quite sit right with me. Don’t get me wrong, I love to watch the Ellen DeGeneres Show. But what she said isn’t exactly nice.So I am with you!

  14. Hi Heather, I know this is an older post of yours but I saw it on the bottom of a more current post as I was browsing your blog from Casey Leigh’s linkup. It caught my attention because I also like Ellen, although I don’t agree with her lifestyle. I think she is funny, and typically more tasteful. But I was also really upset over this. I think that more and more, Christians are being portrayed as the “bad guys” in society, which we all knew would happen, but it is no less shocking to us. Thank you for speaking out honestly about this topic! It seems you have much the same values that I do!

  15. Did you know that focus on the family has an anti-homosexuality ministry? If so, would you consider this ministry “gay-hating?” I certainly would consider it an attack on the belief that it’s ok to be gay, a belief that Ellen obviously holds. I don’t think Ellen’s tolerance has to extend to organizations that attack her lifestyle especially as she’s acted as an advocate for gay rights.

  16. Ellen’s “tolerance” does not have to extend to every organization, but she doesn’t need to trash others on her show, guests or organizations, just because their views may disagree with hers.

  17. I am a fairly new follower and saw the link to this post on another. I love Ellen, but not all of her choices. I am a proud Christian and I think it is a shame that we are lumped into the same category as Christian NUTS!! I would never participate in violent protests nor would I set out to hurt anyone, but I think it is completely sad that We as Christians are told that if we speak out or disagree with something hugely accepted in today’s world that we are Wrong. We can all have our opinion or belief and it doesn’t have to a HUGE deal. It is just amazing that non-Christians feel that if Christians don’t agree or think differently, then we are wrong and get so much negative feedback. When did we reach a point in society that we can’t have a difference of beliefs or thought?

  18. I agree 100 percent. I was looking for the interview (video) and all of them cut that part out where she puts down Focus on the Family. They must have gotten a lot of flak for that part of the interview.

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